Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Weekend

Spent the weekend taking down Xmas decorations. Figured out it was easier using a chainsaw on a 10' Xmas tree to get it out the door as it was netted coming in the door. It's alright, it was an electric chainsaw. Waited till the bride and daughter had left the house for a "tea party" and plugged that sucker in. Soon found out that chainsaws and drywall don't get along.

For the handymen in the crowd, why do they put wiring and plumbing in the walls right behind the best place to set a Christmas tree? Reminder, circuit breakers will pop when you step in water that is running over a cut wire. Also blew up the shop vac and my belt buckle flew off and impaled itself in the wiff's new curio cabinet. Now I've got to cut some glass for the cabinet and glue that little hummel guy back together.
Got the water stopped with a wine cork after turning it off downstairs. Put a wire nut on both ends of the wire. Guess the upstairs will just be a storage room now with no power. Put the wiff's quilt rack in front of the wall. The hole and bulge only shows a little bit at the top. Drywall kinda slumped when the wall filled with water.
Used the crockpot to brace the nice tile on the wall in the kitchen on the other side. Wiff never uses that so she'll not notice. Wiff came home and never saw it.
Crap, she wants to start to make pot roast in the crockpot in the morning. I left the house and the new architectural interest point at 0430 for work.